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Wyobraska Magazine Expeditions
Wyobraska Magazine Expeditions 2020

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Wyobraska Magazine Expeditions places Journalist, Photographers and Filmmakers on assignment with science and research professionals to document, record and report in an effort to gain a better understanding of Wyobraska’s History, Geology, ecosystems, culture, natural resources and wildlife.

Each expedition is sponsored by the efforts of Wyobraska Magazine Partners through financial contributions and resources.


Articles, documents, photographs and films are made available to multiple media streams via WM Media, LLC including the Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado Historical Societies, The Legacy of the Plains Museum and municipalities historical societies throughout Wyobraska.

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Wyobraska Expeditions is contained inside the Wyobraska Magazine website as a unique catalog of independent knowledge and is shared under the category of Expeditions although, the endeavor may break off as its own media publishing entity in the future.

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